Things to Consider

Things to consider

As parents, ensuring that we make the best possible choices for our baby is vital to their physical and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes making decisions or choices can be difficult or confusing for lots of reasons. To help you consider what factors are important when choosing the right baby massage course for you and your baby I have put together some frequently asked questions and discussion points that parents have either asked me or that have arisen through discussion in my baby massage courses. This information is to provide you with an objective overview enabling you to make an informed choice.

The Instructor

Are they qualified?
Is their qualification recognised either nationally or internationally?
Does the association or body that the instructor belongs to have a website that you could contact to verify their details?
Do they have a CRB clearance?
Is the instructor fully insured?
With regards to the instructor's baby massage work, what level of experience is important to you? For example: Is it important to you that the instructor has previous experience in working with parents and their babies/children, or are you happy to consider an instructor who has made a significant career change? You need to personally decide what will be key for you and your baby.

Group Size

Consider your needs as a parent in terms of the different groups offered.


Do you have a preference as to whether the course is run in the instructor's home, your home, or in a public venue? Is there suitable parking or is it easy to access via public transport?


As a new parent you will recently have had to invest in all sorts of baby items so cost may be a consideration for you. It is always worth considering however the ease with which you can get to the course, the number of other parents attending, the quality of the service provided and the ethos of the instructor. It is always worth asking whether the perspective instructor has previous parent testimonials available for you to read. Do these testimonials appear to accurately critique the course and the philosophy of the instructor? I hope that the above information is helpful and will enable you to make the best decision that feels right for you and your baby.