"Going to baby massage sessions was an opportunity for 'us time'."

"The closeness and bonding that I felt when massaging my baby was very special."

"My daughter sleeps better and I feel this is because of the massage techniques that I have learned."

"Baby massage has made me more confident as a parent, I don't need to shush my baby when she's crying as I now understand that it's important to allow her to relieve some stress."

"I really believe that the sessions were the key to me not getting postnatal depression this time."

"Baby massage has made me feel that it's just as important as the food that I give my son, I'm so glad that we came."

"Being able to speak about issues and concerns whilst attending Mary's baby massage has been a real lifeline."

"I was putting hand cream on and my baby got really excited as she thought I was warming up the oil in my hands ready for a massage."