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Courses / locations -- Watford and Herts

I am currently running courses during the week offering both morning and afternoon sessions, in the Watford and surrounding areas throughout Hertfordshire.

Session times may occasionally vary.

Morning sessions are from 10.00am-11.30am.
Afternoon sessions vary between 1.00pm-4.30pm.

Current courses are listed below.

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One to one courses
Private groups
Group courses
Colic relief courses
Local community courses
What we will cover

Current Course Availability

Course dates to be updated - please contact me for details.

Morning Sessions

Course starting on the 7th March - 11th April 10am-11.30am
(Free car parking outside the Centre in the surrounding roads)
Rickmansworth Children Centre
Shepherds lane
Rickmansworth WD3 8JJ Now fully booked
(Next course dates: 25th April - 30th May / 13th June - 18th July)

Course start date TBC
(Free car parking available in the surrounding roads)
Cassiobury Infant & Nursery School
Bellmount Wood Avenue
WD17 3PE Available
(Next course dates: TBC)

Four week Saturday course:
Course starting on the 10th March - 31st March 10.00am-12.00pm
(This course runs on a Sunday morning giving Dads an opportunity to attend the course.)
Ebury Children's Centre
Oxhey Hall Community Centre
Hampermill Lane (off Raglan Gardens
WD19 4TT Available
(Next course dates: TBC)

Course starting on the 20th February - 26th March 11.30am-1.00pm
Croxley Green Children's Centre
The Studio
Community Way
Croxley Green
WD3 3PX Now fully booked
(Next course dates: 16th April - 28th May *10.00am-11.30am excluding 7th May Bank Holiday* / 11th June - 16th July)

Course starting on the 23rd February - 29th March 10.00am-11.30pm
(Free car parking outside the Centre in the surrounding roads)
Beechfield Children's Centre
Gammons lane
WD24 5TY Now fully booked
(Next course dates: 3rd May - 7th June / 14th June - 19th July)

Afternoon Sessions

Course starting on the 23rd February - 29th March 12.15pm-1.45pm
(Parking is available in Haines Way opposite the main school entrance. There is no on site parking.)
Leavesden Childrens Centre
High Road
WD25 7QZ Now fully booked
(Next course dates: 3rd May - 7th June)

Community Course starting on the 20th February - 26th March 2.00pm-3.30pm
(On site car parking available but if car park is full then free parking outside the Centre)
Sunshine Children's Centre
Eastbury Road
WD19 4RL Now fully booked
(Next course dates: 16th April - 28th May *1.30pm-3.00pm* / 11th June - 16th July *1.30pm-3.00pm*)

Course starting TBC 2.30pm-4pm
(Free car parking around the Centre with areas of restricted parking - maps sent with booking forms to indicate where the free parking is)
Littlebury Children's Centre
Mildred Avenue
WD18 7DY
(Next course dates: TBC)

One to one courses

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This is available if you would prefer to learn baby massage in the comfort of your own home. The cost per session is £25.00. (I would recommend four sessions.) This course is ideal if you have had a caesarean section and although you are up and about you are not quite at the stage of being out and about. Equally you may want to develop further confidence in handling your new baby in the privacy of your own home.

Private groups

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If you already have a network of friends e.g. from your antenatal class or new mum's group and you are able to or know of a friend who will host the course then this is a good option to consider. This course is suitable for a group of 2-6 parents and consists of four weekly 90-minute sessions in the convenience of your home. The cost is £270.00 for the whole course, shared between the parents/carers. As the host you will receive a 50% discount on your share of the cost, with the remaining balance to be divided between your guests.

Group courses

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An excellent group to attend if you have missed out on the antenatal group or perhaps you have just recently moved to the area. This group is ideal if you would like to meet new people and have the opportunity to establish some new friendships. The courses are run in the locations listed at the top of the page. They are small and can be adapted to accommodate individual needs. There is a a minimum of five parents/carers and babies with a maximum of ten. This is a six week course consisting of six 90 minute sessions. The course fee is £60.00.

Colic relief course

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This is taught separately to the normal massage routine. If you have a colicky baby who is experiencing discomfort and pain, I would recommend this course to you initially. It consists of three home visits, once a week, which will enable you to effectively give twice-daily colic relief massage during periods when your baby needs it. It is advisable to not attempt the regular massage until after this period. If you then wish to consider coming along to the group baby massage class, your baby will be less likely to associate all massage with discomfort that may be experienced during the colic relief routine, and as a parent/carer this will extend you and your baby's experience of positive touch. You will receive a pack containing a copy of the colic relief routine to follow, oil and moral support to help you deal with your baby's discomfort and crying. The cost is £70.00 for the course and is a one-on-one course provided in the comfort of your own home.

Local community services

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These are courses which are paid for by local community services, and places are available via referral only. This is a six week course consisting of six 90 minute sessions. If you are a professional such as a Children's Centre manager and wish to provide this service for your community please contact me for further details.

What will we cover in the sessions?

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Baby massage will provide vital and essential nutrients for your baby's skin. The skin is the largest sensory organ of the body.

"Feeding babies with touch, giving food to their skins, is just as important as filling their stomachs with nutrients." Dr. F. Leboyer
Pit-a-pat-a baby massage offers a range of course choices suitable from six weeks to pre-crawling so that you can decide what suits you and your baby best.

Relaxation techniques for parents
Massage routine for legs, stomach, chest and arms, face and back, the whole routine with some gentle stretching strokes
Contraindications to massage
The benefits of baby massage
Use of oils
Positioning during massage
Why we need to ask permission from our babies
Conditions for massage and why
Interpreting baby's cues/signals
Pit-a-pat-a massage strokes are based on the guidelines given by the International Association of Infant Massage. The strokes have elements of Indian and Swedish massage, which combine both soothing and relaxing strokes as well as gentle stimulating strokes, reflexology and gentle yoga movements.

You will receive a weekly handout to act as an aid memoir, enabling you to practice the strokes at home, a weekly reading article to support the importance of baby massage, a bottle of organic sunflower oil and a farewell pack at the end of the sixth session.

There will be an opportunity to also discuss topics such as birth stories, sleeping, how to deal with crying, spoiling, going out and travelling with a new baby, feeding, weaning, siblings, to name but a few.

Refreshments will be provided so you can relax while at Pit-a-pat-a baby massage in a supportive and friendly environment.