I am an experienced and qualified Maternity/Nursery Nurse and have worked in the childcare field for over 28 years. Until recently I worked with a team of Health Visitors as a Community Nursery Nurse. My role was to support parents and their babies/children in a variety of ways.

For example, supporting new parents with this life changing experience helping both them and their babies get off to a positive and happy start at a time when things can be overwhelming and quite daunting. I also supported new mothers to establish breastfeeding. I worked with parents to help develop their childrens' sleep, behaviour, toileting, speech and language, as well as offering advice on feeding/weaning. I am also a parenting facilitator and regularly run parenting groups for parents who want to enhance their skills, and find positive ways of dealing with what can sometimes be a challenging journey for us all at times as parents.

As a parent of two boys myself I can totally appreciate the anticipation and excitement of becoming a new parent as well as understanding the demands that sometimes arise when juggling a host of responsibilities.

I simply cannot imagine doing something that does not involve working in partnership with parents and their babies/children. What started off at the beginning of my career as a job, has transcended into something much more important than it just being work for me.

I believe that the very essence of life is about empowering parents and their children. The aim of Pit-a-pat-a baby massage is to teach safe strokes to parents/carers enabling you to build a more confident parent/infant relationship. Pit-a-pat-a baby massage will offer you the opportunity for positive touch, promoting understanding and mutual respect between you and your baby. Pit-a-pat-a baby massage will help you to learn how to communicate by interpreting your baby's positive and negative cues.

I became interested in baby massage twelve years ago when my second son developed colic which caused him to cry most of the time, until he would fall asleep exhausted. Nothing could have prepared me for this. I instinctively massaged and stroked him to support him with the discomfort and pain that he was experiencing. This was the only thing that really worked and it became very apparent to me that my touch was vital in order to soothe and comfort him when nothing else could.

During this time I began to truly understand just how powerful a parent/carer's warm positive touch is in communicating a deep sense of love and security to a baby or child, that goes beyond words.

Touch is the most wonderful gift we can give to our babies as it signifies, love, protection, shelter, warmth and nuturing. Baby massage reinforces and strenghtens all of these basic needs that our babies rely on us for.

Pit-a-pat-a baby massage will enable you to give a very important gift to your child that will last a lifetime and lay a life-long foundation.

I trained as a certified infant massage instructor with the International Assocation of Infant Massage at St. Thomas' Hospital and instantly knew that this was the pathway that would become so very important to me.

I have an Enhanced Criminal Records Beureau clearance reassuring parents that I am a safe and suitable person to run groups. I also have full professional indemnity liability insurance.

Mary Nyariki

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